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How to move pages up and down in tty in Fedora

Yes, people this lady is becoming a tty junkie  photo shiny.gif I prefer it over Konsole and now I am so glad I went through the pain ( photo emo.gif) of learning basics of Vim. There is no need for me to leave tty now, besides from doing obvious Desktop Environment thingies.

If you want to move a page up press Shift + Page Up, I would like to point out the amount you of pages you can go up is limited  photo piidea.gif In my case I can go up like 8 pages, I’ve heard you can edit this by editing your .bashrc file. When I discover how to do that, I’ll write a how-to  photo nodding.gif

If you want to move a page down press Shift + Page Down.

Let’s say you have moved 5 pages up, but you don’t want to press Shift + Page Down four times to go back to the last page. If you press Shift + End or Shift + Home, you’ll get back to the last page, from what ever page you currently are. You could also press Ctrl+l (that clears the screen).


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How to return to the Desktop Environment from tty in Fedora  photo piangry.gif to find this solution  photo emo.gif

As you know you enter tty from the Desktop Envrionment by pressing either Ctrl+Alt+F2 or Ctrl+ Alt +F3 up till Ctrl+Alt+F6 (notice how in Fedora Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn’t get you in any tty).

Let’s say for the sake of argument you are in tty4 (which you enter by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F4) and you want to return to the Desktop Environment, all you have to do is press Alt+F1 (this key combo will return you from any tty back to the Desktop Environment).

Another neat “trick” to switch between several tty’s is the following, if you are for example in tty3 and want to go to tty2 all you have to do is press Alt+F2 and you are in tty2. Nice huh?

Btw, let’s not use the comment section of this post to debate my Google skills okay  photo talktothehand.gif