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Linux, the struggles are real!

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How to make typing along with Python tutorials easier.

A lot of youtube vids use IDLE in their tutorial, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In matter of fact, it makes typing along easier if you use IDLE too, but situations like in the picture below piss me off photo piangry.gif!


I prefer this  photo shiny.gif it saves me the hassle of changing screens.


So what happened in the second picture? Well, I used Python’s built in interpreter which you can open by simply typing python in the terminal. Look:


And I made the terminal’s background color transparent by changing it’s transparency. You do this by

Edit > Preferences


The following screen will appear, select the tab Appearance, in this tab you can change the transparency settings.


If you are finished with the interpreter but have other stuff to do in terminal, all you have to do is press CTRL d and the interpreter will close and you can do whatever you need to do in terminal.


(Yes, another se7en  photo heart.gif!)

(Remember, you can always do the cliccie for larger piccie photo puh2.gif)

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The Command Line Crash Course

Eventhough it’s been a week since the cast and pins have been removed and I’ve practised the exercises, recommended by the doctor, religiously like the good girl I am. Still, typing with two hands sucksPhotobucket!

That doesn’t stop me from continuing with “The Command Line Crash Course” though. The good thing about this course is; you’ll be typing 5 letters commands most of the time anywayPhotobucket It’s also well written, you are taught through easy exercises and most important, it’s really aimed at newbies with no prior command line experience.  People like me, who are actually afraid of the terminalPhotobucket will find this book a big relief.

I have used the terminal many times before,  appearantly ”trial and error” didn’t work for me. I somehow kept being stuck in the “error” partPhotobucket But maybe that was because using terminal always felt like going down a dark cave without a torch, while being afraid what was waiting for me at the other end…..Let me tell you; Zed A. Shaw’s course is the torchPhotobucket Eventhough I’m still at chapter 8, I’m a little less intimidated by the terminal each chapter.

Ooh, and for the people who think that the graphical user interface (GUI) makes the terminal obsolete. You’ve got it wrong! Typing short commands in terminal, saves you from wandering through menus and dialogue boxes, therefore minimizing all the pointing and clicking. Trust me, your wrists will love you Photobucket for learning the command line!