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Letting of of the perfection

Yep, that is one of the hardest things to do for me,  despite knowing  it can hold me back 😔 But a couple of months ago, I decided when it comes to studying math, I will let go of some of the perfection.

See when I just started learning Math at KhanAcademy, I took notes religiously and way too seriously. I would take notes of every vid (I wish I was joking😐 ) and I watched every F-U-C-K-I-N-G vid. My notes would be categorized according to my system but still in sync with KhanAcademy. I used to study in a coffee shop where the desks were much bigger then the tiny thing made off match sticks I have at home.

These are the notes I used to make in the huge binder:


Also notice the 6d in the top right corner? That is how I used to index my notes (yes I am anal-retentive like that). I remember getting annoyed when KhanAcademy changed their subjects around, so my system of categorizing was not on par with the site any more.

Since there is no place for a huge binder on my desk, I bought a smaller binder (size a5). And believe it or not, I threw the huge binder with my notes in the trash 😮


On the left my notes on A5 on the right my old notes on A4.


Since that day, I changed my approach to note taking. I will not take notes off every vid any more, I will take notes when I struggle with a subject or when I see this symbol (which indicates a mini paper on the given subject):



But most importantly I will stop categorizing my notes, the new note will be placed on top. Plus when it comes to note taking, some notes will be placed on this blog. I will go a for a hybrid thingy, I guess.

Does that mean I have let go off the perfection  completely? Hell NO❗️ The perfection, will be focussed on watching every vid no matter how well versed I am on the subject. Plus every unit test and course challenge needs to be on 100%.

Take a look on the picture below, it says that I have mastered 4th grade math for 100%. Despite scoring a 90% on my course challenge. Being the person I am, I was not happy with the outcome 😡



I did the course challenge a couple of times (like only 40 times or so, I am not joking😐 ) till I scored 100%.


It was only then I moved on to the 5th grade.

Yes I know, new vids and exercises are daily added on KhanAcademy. And yes I check regularly if the grades I already mastered (for 100%, nothing less) have new content. If so I will watch the new vids and do the new exercises. I did already mention in this post I am anal-retentive, yes?


Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😋

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#khanacademey the beginning of the end?

Namely the beginning of the end of true free online education. It is a sad day today 😥

I discovered that Khan Academy is going to retire some content. Meaning that what was once free at Khan Academy, will most likely have to be paid for somewhere else. Taking away the upward mobility from people from lower social classes who cannot pay for these classes. One off these courses being the the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).


So it will be free in 2020, but years after…

Here is the petition where people are trying to stop this from happening.

I can’t help but wonder what will be next 😕 and I already feared something like this happening ever since Salman Khan posted the vid below.

In this vid, that was made on March 27th 2020, he admits that Khan Academy has been running a deficit for a while.

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The abs() function visualized

The abs() function returns the absolute value of a number, it works like this:

cliccie for larger piccie

cliccie for larger piccie

If you are not the most gifted mathematician around  photo clown.gif and you need the some more explanation and/or visualization this vid will do the trick, it explains the concept rather well:

The vid is about 5 minutes long, imho you only need to watch the first two minutes to get it  photo nodding.gif