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The struggles off a future RHCE….

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A learn to code commercial

I agree with this part:

Knowing how to code is like knowing how to read and write was in medieval times.

I disagree with what is written here:

You can certainly get along without it, but you do so by living in ignorance of many of the wonders around you.

Being able to program is becoming important in the entire STEM fields. I do think that in other fields you can now certainly get along without it, but it won’t be too long before not knowing how to code will have the same devastating effect as it has being not able to read and write in these times. Yeah, I know it is rather dark outlook on the future null

I once heard a dean of an Indian University, where girls and boys were going to separate classes, say:

“It’s the hand that rocks the cradle that rules the world”

She was defending this outright medieval thing of separating boys and girls   I of course disagree with this one too. I think it is the “hands” that know how to code that will rule the world.

Just take a look at Anonymous.


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People, tell me WTF is WRONG with me??!!!?????

I used to be a doodler, I loved to doodle geometric shapes in all dimensions, mostly triangles and squares. In my doodles I used them to create something  like machines (cranes being my favorite) or transformers. But now I like do something else a lot more, I love making prime factorization trees. I just love it null the bigger the number the better null

I gave myself a lot of thought, on why on Earth I would like to do something like this. I came up with this

It’s just a serene, peaceful thing to do.

Is THIS the first sign of insanity? Seriously, just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to knowing yourself, you discover something like this null

For the people who wonder what a factor tree is, here is one:

So all you “psychologists” out there,  eat you heart out and tell me null

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The pins have been removed!

Like hell they are Photobucket

I not only had cast around a good part of my right arm but I also had 3 pins inside my wrist. Everytime if someone asked if it weren’t itching under my cast I would answer “No, but maybe that’s because everytime I move my fingers, I can feel the pins scrape at the inside of my skinPhotobucket“. (This reply always led to horror-struck faces.)

They’re pretty sharp huh?

These pins  were completely buried inside my wristPhotobucket They have been removed last Thursday, while I was partially under. I must say the feeling of having something removed out of my bones was quite intresting, at the very least. I wouldn’t object to experiencing that againPhotobucketDon’t worry, I am not planning to break something againPhotobucketBesides the force that was used scared the hell out of me. A nurse had to hold down my wrist while the surgeon used so much force to remove the pins, that all I could think was “Please, don’t break my wrist againPhotobucket“.

I would love to gross you guys out with a picture of the pins covered in my blood. Unfortunately, a picture of the wounds being sticthed and the long elegant fingers of surgeon Vijgen will have to do.

Since another doctor just went nuclear on my arse when I tried (= I didn’t stand a chance) to discuss the pro’s and cons off a sub-clavicular piercing. (Ever noticed, how all doctors are great at the “Child, I am the parent you’ve never had and right now,  I am very dissapointend in youPhotobucket” lecture?) I’ve let go of the idea of permanent Photobucket foreign objects inside me. Unless, I live to see an RFID chip forced inside me, all for the sake of  “national security” of course Photobucket

Here you can read and see how someone is having that crap planted inside him voluntarily at a hackers conference of all placesPhotobucketWhich reminds me, I still have to read “This Perfect Day” by Ira Levin in which the main character is nicknamed “Chip”.

Btw, here is a scan of my broken wrist, next time I’m in the hospital I’ll see if I can get a scan of my wrist with the pins insidePhotobucket

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How to respond like a grown up

Here you can read Oracle Linux it’s product page. Appearantly the way to promote their product is by attacking CentOS Photobucket I actually don’t know what’s more pathetic Photobucket Oracle Linux it’s product page or Oracle Linux it’s version of Tux.

While Oracle is free to represent their distribution the way they want. I can’t help but think that they don’t have high regards of their target audience of which I am NO part,  thank you very much Photobucket

Anyway, eventhough Oracle attacks CentOS, it’s believed that the real aim is Red Hat. Sounds tinfoil hattish to you? Take a look at the Red Hat’s response to Oracle’s “Unbreakable” Linux.

Yes kids, this is how we grown ups do business Photobucket Next time your Mum tells you to play nice, ignore her.

Btw, here is a pdf file of the current Oracle’s “Unbreakable” Linux page, just in case Oracle might change it in something more proffesional. Yes, I’m nice like that Photobucket!

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Oracle dips in the RHEL Clone pool

Which is fine by me, after all competition encourages innovation, right?

From browsing around, I can’t help but feel that when it comes to Oracle Linux, I am the only one with this point of view. There is a lot of unchannelled anger directed at Oracle for offering their own RHEL Clone. Appearantly,  it’s not okay for Oracle to play by the rules of capitalism, like any other company in a free and open Photobucket market.

A lovely quote which I took from here:

I’m looking forward to the day when Oracle will package shit and ask people to buy shit from them because they’re saying it smells like daisies.

Wait, isn’t Apple doing this alreadyPhotobucket

While I get that you can’t be too happy about certain products that are manufactured by a company. I do wonder if it is really necessary to write this on the CentOS forum:

I wouldn’t ever trust Oracle. Whilst they might be right about their technical superiority, their management, sales, marketing and support will shoot the product dead. They will latch onto a few gullable individuals and suck them dry, then try and move on.

Fortunately, I’m no longer legally bound by the NDA they make you sign when you sign a contract with them.

Way to go jerk Photobucket I am pretty sure that fact that you are not legally bound by a NDA anymore, doesn’t make it legal to spill Oracle’s trade secrets. I hope you get caught Photobucket when you decide to do so. I wonder if the people behind CentOS would welcome someone with such an attitude in their team?