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Hi, China how you doing?

Fixed that issue with Hong Kong yet? You know that issue that has been going since 15th of March 2019? Ooh no, Hong Kong is still fighting for it’s freedom 💡

I have noticed something interesting, ever since I wrote this article. China has been visiting site noticeably more, I can tell by the statistics on the back end of my blog. Don’t get me wrong, before I wrote the article I would get the occasional visit from China. But since the article the amount of visits from China has been dramatically increased. I discussed the matter with my mom (Sonia ❤ ).



See China you should have left me alone! Checking this shitty little blog (sometimes multiple times a day!) that only has one critical article about Hong Kong? Seriously 🙄 wtf???!!! CHINA IT IS ON!!

The thing here is what is going on in Hong Kong, hit me hard, it went straight to my core. Like the game HALO did many years ago. Don’t get me wrong me wrong I am aware of the protests that are going on right now in Chili, India etc. etc. But Hong Kong, the protests there are the only I literally feel ^^’

So what to expect? Frequent articles about Hong Kong and the atrocities committed by China. This is not a news blog, the topics I write about will be old news. What kind of blog this is? I don’t fucking know anymore 😎

Here is 3 minute vid that shows what happened in Hong Kong in the past 7 months.

The vid is created by soaringturnip.

Just in case, I am not planning on committing suicide. And if I ever say good things about China and or the backward honor culture I had the bad luck to be born in, but I managed to escape at 17. Something happened to me, something BAD. Also you can always do the cliccy for the larger piccie 😛

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Save Hong Kong!



Hong Kong is a safe place, protected by the law. People are demonstrating because the government tries to pass a law of China extradition. Which means you can get arrested in Hong Kong by China even if you’ve never physically stepped foot in China.

China recently sentenced someone 10-year jail just because she (“Lady Tianyi”) uploaded some homosexual comics, not to mention thousands of mysteriously disappearing persons who’ve said things the Chinese government disliked.

HK was a former British colony till 1997 which have been exercising rule of law and partial democracy, as opposed to China which is an authoritarian state with their own set of laws. Sadly, our law can be amended and the Chinese have the authority to interpret the law if there is any disputes.

What you, as foreigners can do, is to remember today’s as a historical fact because this might get erased in our future textbooks. Know the difference between HK and China and why HK is special. Many of us are considering immigrating and if we do move into your country I hope you’ll understand our situations. I’m sure we don’t want any trouble with the locals as well. Lastly, stay safe when you travel to HK if this bill does get pass.

Text above is not written by me but by  redditor /u/expressexpress The line I put in bold, triggered me to create this post. The pictures are taken today in Hong Kong, you can click on a picture for a larger version.

To add some perspective Hong Kong has a population of 7.4 million people, more then 1 million people are protesting. This is huge…..Unfortunately we all know how this is going to end. The drawing below is a pretty good representation of how the protest will end. Even though I dearly hope it will not be the case.