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Am I being tested?

 photo emo.gif

Seriously, almost 2 weeks ago I got my act together. I lowered my alcohol intake, started to eat healthy, work out each morning and I decided to treat learning to program as a job.

So I decided to restart the my Python course at Codecedemy, only to run in to these screens all the time  photo bonk.gif:



Codecademy recently implemented some major changes to their site and it is having trouble ever since. Take a look at their twitter:


To be fair, even though this frustrates me to no end, I do feel bad for the people behind Codecademy. They don’t deserve this photo smile.gif


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Compare that code!

If you are using Codecademy, I strongly suggest after each exercise that has more then 10 lines of code, to compare it with your fellow “virtual” classmates. Even if you wrote the code successfully all by yourself.

Why you ask? One of the beauties of programming  photo heart.gif is, you can write the solution to a problem in a gazillion ways. Reading other peoples code helps in learning to program.

Down on the left side of Codecademy there is a button called “Q&A Forum” it leads you straight to the relevant part of the forum.

cliccie for larger picce

cliccie for larger picce

Yes people ask for help on there, but they also post their code. It really pays off to check, I for one learned how to write shorter code  photo thumbsup.gif

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I am in looooooveeeeeee!!!

loveSo three days ago I wrote this rant  photo bloos.gif and now I write to tell you that I have fallen for Python, I am not saying it clicks. But while I was going through the course “List & Dictionaries”, which is brilliantly written by James Watson, I realized I loved this.

I don’t know  if this for some reason reminds of the stuff I used to do in MS Access or because I find this section incredibly easy. I do can tell you that I think two things right now “I should have done this earlier” and “I really enjoy doing this”  photo heart.gif!

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Roja’s first code

Yesterday I was in a ranty mood, today I am happier. I just finished an assignment without looking for the answer by using google. Granted, I had to google how to define the third power, yes I am still working on those math skills  photo emo.gif
The code:

cliccie for larger piccie

cliccie for larger piccie

Yes, I know I could have left out “cubing = n**3” and just have typed “return n**3” instead photo puh2.gif Something I’ve learned after I’ve compared my code with other peoples code.

But for a first assignment all done by myself,  I am happy. When I read the assignment I decided that I should first spent 45 minutes non stop on writing this code before googling the answer. My action plan was to type only the stuff I know, and guess what happened? I finished the assignment within 10 minutes  photo biggrin.gif!

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Learning to program is hard, real hard!


As you know I am struggling to learn Python, even though I feel I learn something at other hand I can’t help but that I am NOT photo piangry.gif The people who tell you learning to program is easy are LYING. To learn to program is hard, you have to work real hard to master a language. I will be honest,  it is shocks me that I’m struggling  to learn Python. A language that is supposedly ideal for beginners because it is easy, yeah right! Every time I fiddle with it, I can’t help but think “Me  photo what.gif how can it be so God darn hard for me of all people?”.

You see,  I am the person who in her free time always fiddled with Linux, the person who when she had a job was the go to person for software problems. The person every time she got a new job, impressed people with how quickly she picked the company specific software. I also could learn those people, who often had been working with that software for years, some new tricks. I used to impress colleagues with my Acces skills, I am the kind of nerd who made her own book collection software in Acces 15 years ago. I spent hours in my free time fiddling with Acces and LOVING it.

And look at me now  photo emo.gifstaring at Python code, hardly understanding a darn thing! I have the feeling that I know only one thing, I know it I don’t understand it, that is the print statement. But the rest? It is like staring in one of Harry Potter his spell books and thinking “dafuq did I just read”.

I have restarted the Python Codecademy course and I take notes now. I study them 4 times a week plus I spent hours now on Codecademy not the 30 minutes a day I did before.
I will master that code! What keeps me going? The thought of making my own software just the way I like it,  makes me drool photo kwijl.gif

To the people who  claim Python is easy to learn  photo eerie.gif I have fist here and it would just love to meet your nose.