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Linux, the struggles are real!

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Me giving tech support through WhatsApp

I never tell people that “I am good with computers”  photo emo.gif
What also helps it is not expected from me. But, sometimes, I can’t avoid it.
This is a vid I made for a friend who sent me a text asking for help. She was ready with popcorn to watch some awful romcom, but the vid wouldn’t play and she didn’t know what to do.

In the vid you can see how I help her out, it is in Dutch btw  photo vork.gif

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I quit drinking alcohol

I finally found a replacement drink for beer that is not overly sweet  photo thumbsup.gif The last couple of years alcohol started to annoy me, but I don’t have a sweet tooth. So drinks like , Coke, Fanta, Sprite etc. etc. are wasted on me. Also I don’t drink diary products, because those are bloody disgusting  photo pukey.gif. Which left me basically with water  photo emo.gif I don’t mind drinking that during the days. But in the evening it gets boring, so I would grab a beer. A couple of years ago it started to piss me off how alcohol was eating my evenings away photo piangry.gif

Last weekend I discovered tonic water. And this one is my favourite:


It is hardly sweet and I love the bitterly taste, an excellent replacement for beer. I confidently say now, I will not drink alcohol any more  photo worshippy.gif

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Bloody keyboard!

Today the darn thing fell on top of my recovering (of course Photobucket) wrist.


I seriously considered finding a hammer Photobucket but I figured I need the twat to learn Python.

This comment in my spam box did make me feel a little bit  better.

cliccie for larger piccie

A spammer who wrote a comment herself instead of using auto generated crap? Too bad her punctuation is bit off Photobucket otherwise it would have been brilliant.

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My broken wrist in scans and pictures!

Remember you can always do the cliccie for the larger piccie Photobucket

The broken wrist

This was the result of falling down a flight of stairs Photobucket I also had a dislocated elbow btw.

The pins

They’re pretty sharp huh?

Apparantly it was a very mean break and it was decided to place these three pins inside my wrist. Look at how sharp they are Photobucket everytime I moved my pinkie I could atleast feel one of them scrape at the inside of my skin Photobucket

The pins inside my wrist

As you can see the pins were completely buried inside my wristPhotobucket

The wounds being stichted up after the pins were removed

It took quite some force to get them out of my wrist, a nurse had to hold my wrist down while the surgeon used so much force that all I could think was “Please don’t break it againPhotobucket” This is also unfortunately the grossest pic I can give you, I hoped to get a pic of the pins covered in tissue and bloodPhotobucket but they came out remarkebly cleanPhotobucket

While I am still recovering from the wrist and elbow and actually still have physical therapy for both of them, I herewith would like to thank to the entire staff of Sint Fransicus Gasthuis Rotterdam for doing such a great jobPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket  This song I’m dedicating to all of you!