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The perfect Leslie Sansone workout to do on mat!

It is this one it only is 15 minutes long. I think this workout  is the perfect workout out for people who consider exercise a necessary evil,  AKA people like me emo



I do this work out on this mat

Due to the dimensions of this mat I can do the entire workout on the mat (granted I am 5’3), and I don’t need to wear shoes. Leslie always advices against bare feet, but this mat is so thick you don’t need shoes. I bought this mat at Aldi in 2017, it is not only cheap but very durable. The quality is good too,it doesn’t have dents of my feet imprinted on it (unlike other expensive mats I used eerie). And yes people, I have the pink mat Hello_Kitty

You can do this entire workout on the mat mentioned above, because the workout doesn’t have double sidesteps or sidesteps where you move forward or backward. When I have to take 4 steps forward and backward, I just turn 90 degrees. Since Leslie mentions in advance when you will have to take 4 steps forward and backward, I have time to move to one side of the mat and turn 90 degrees.

Why I like this workout so much? It is only 15 minutes, it doesn’t contain squats (I hurt my god-damn knees if I do those without supervision) or this movement.

Yes, I also hurt my knees when I do this movement, a lunge,  without supervision. I am not the most gifted exerciser in the world picry There is a reason why I take Pilates class where the instructor doesn’t participate but instead walks around and corrects people. I consider Leslie Sansone workout to be better then regular walking, this workout elevates my heart much more. Plus I make movements during this workout, I don’t make during a walk.

But most importantly my Pilates instructor, who is a Pilates snob who only teaches classical Pilates thank you very much talktothehand approves of this workout. This is what she wrote when I wrote her about the Leslie Sansone work out:


Notice the digg at Stott Pilates (she hates everything that is not classical Pilates devilish). The digg at Stott Pilates is, because I love one of their Pilates routines. I will write about that routine another time.

What I basically do for workout is, during weekends, holidays etc. etc. (basically days off) I do the Leslie Sansone workout in the morning and during working days I do the Pilates routine in the evening (if I don’t have Pilates class). Yes people one workout a day, why should I do both? You guys are trying kill me over here piangry

Since great content has tendency to disappear, like this brilliant vid for example. I hosted the workout vin on my blog you can find it here. Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie puh2

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She might have been patient zero in the Netherlands….

Exactly one year ago, on the first of January 2020. I went out for dinner with someone who flew back from Italy that morning. She (I will call her X from now on) spent three weeks in Italy celebrating the holidays with her family. See normally when people fly back from abroad, they leave they airport as quickly as possible to head home. Not X though, when she arrived on Schiphol Airport that day, she spent hours hanging around on the airport by herself while drinking cappuccinos koffie

When she finally headed home she sent me a text, asking me if I had plans for tonight. I said I didn’t, so she invited me to have dinner with her in a restaurant. We sat there in close proximity (as was normal back then) eating and talking for hours. I noticed X had a cold, she was sneezing and had a runny nose. I didn’t think anything off it, after all it was winter everyone gets a cold right?

So on the 12th of January I got ill. People who know me, know I never get ill. And if I get ill, I don’t complain, hence the image “Janice never gets ill”.

But this time  it was different. I got a fever that just wouldn’t GO THE FUCK AWAY! I took the maximum allowed Ibuprofen and the still the fever stayed which was shocking, since 1 Ibuprofen used to be sufficient. So being the smart person I am I decided to take 5 more Ibuprofen more then is allowed without consulting a doctor frusty Normally I am not this retarded I swear emo but I couldn’t think straight due to the fever. Taking the 5 extra Ibuprofen didin’t help btw, the fever lasted for 6 days. During those 6 days I literally couldn’t do shit, besides lying in bed watching Chateau Meiland and complain to everyone about how  ill I am.

After those 6 days I went back to work, I still had a cold and a runny nose. One off the things I noticed after my initial illness  there was a shortness of breath and me being dizzy. These two things lasted till April at least. But I didn’t think much of it in the beginning. I thought the shortness of breath had to with my age and sedentary lifestyle. The dizziness I blamed on being vegetarian and not getting enough carbs, I am the kind of person who struggles to eat 150 grams carbs a day.

So when COVID-19 started getting mentioned on the news a lot, like in early February 2020, I didn’t think much about the fever I had. Hell, back then I didn’t take COVID-19 serious, even though I saw on the news how it played out for Italy. I took COVID-19 seriously when a Dutch doctor went nuclear on my ass, after I told him that “COVID-19 is just a flu” this was on Friday the 13th of March. Two days before the first partial lock down was announced on the the 15th of March 2020. It got me thinking about the fever I had early in January 2020 and shortness of breath and the dizziness I was still suffering from.

I took the first partial lock down very seriously, yes people I went to the supermarket to haul on toilet paper and certain foods. I tried to do it undercover picool without the help of Sonia (my real mom). I told her specifically that I went to haul stuff in several supermarkets undercover.

Yet she still advised me to ask the supermarket manager to ask when a load of non-perishable stuff would arrive, way to blow my cover mom.

Then she asked me to take a picture of my cart in while being in the supermarket, yes mom that is really a thing someone should do while hauling stuff undercover eerie Taking proudly pictures of their cart in the supermarket.


Then she had the audacity to laugh at my cabinets where I stored my haul talktothehand (People, I live in a very tiny studio so there is not much to store.)

Ooh, regarding X, I never discussed with her whether I might have gotten COVID-19 from her or not. After that dinner I kind off stopped talking to her. It was not about getting the virus from her, but her openly preying on under-age boys while going out with me.

I do wonder though if she brought COVID-19 to Rotterdam and made it spread like wildfire. See X is an expat, she came to the Netherlands in June 2019. And ever since she seems to have one, and only one hobby which is going through Tinder like a mad woman. Every Friday and Saturday night she fucks a different guy, obviously that is not enough facepalm So she also has a 19 year old fuck buddy on the side. This fuck buddy is a student whose part time job is delivering groceries. Till this day it amazes that Brabant was the first Dutch location where COVID-19 became problematic and not Rotterdam due to X her side activities.

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How to get to the Classical Editor in

A couple of months ago decided to ditch the classical editor and make the block editor the default. Boy, do I hate that FUCKING BLOCK EDITOR OR WHAT piangry Anyways, if you don’t want to upgrade to a business plan with, so you can make the Classical Editor your default editor again. Then you can use these workarounds, if you are on a Premium plan. I’ll show you how you can create and edit posts in the Classical Editor.

Click on “WP Admin

Then click on “All Postsdon’t clik on “New Posts” it will open that lousy “Block Editor“!

If you want to create a new post then click on the drop down menu next to “Add New” and choose “Classical Editor“.

If you want to edit a post, scroll down to said post, hover above it with your mouse and choose “Classical Editor


Here are two youtube vids created by me. Showing you the steps I mentioned above.



Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😋 Here you can read about all the tools I used to create this post.


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The difference between increase and decrease

Increase = shit gets bigger

Decrease = shit gets smaller


If you only knew how many exercises I fucked up on Khan Academy because I didn’t know the difference between increase and decrease, you would be AMAZED. Amazed  that after fucking up like hundreds (close to a thousand) exercises  I still don’t know the difference bonk

What makes this blogpost beautiful is, that literally one off the first notes I took while watching a  Khan Academy video (it is literally the first page). Also explained what increase and decrease is, take a look.

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Letting of of the perfection

Yep, that is one of the hardest things to do for me,  despite knowing  it can hold me back 😔 But a couple of months ago, I decided when it comes to studying math, I will let go of some of the perfection.

See when I just started learning Math at KhanAcademy, I took notes religiously and way too seriously. I would take notes of every vid (I wish I was joking😐 ) and I watched every F-U-C-K-I-N-G vid. My notes would be categorized according to my system but still in sync with KhanAcademy. I used to study in a coffee shop where the desks were much bigger then the tiny thing made off match sticks I have at home.

These are the notes I used to make in the huge binder:


Also notice the 6d in the top right corner? That is how I used to index my notes (yes I am anal-retentive like that). I remember getting annoyed when KhanAcademy changed their subjects around, so my system of categorizing was not on par with the site any more.

Since there is no place for a huge binder on my desk, I bought a smaller binder (size a5). And believe it or not, I threw the huge binder with my notes in the trash 😮


On the left my notes on A5 on the right my old notes on A4.


Since that day, I changed my approach to note taking. I will not take notes off every vid any more, I will take notes when I struggle with a subject or when I see this symbol (which indicates a mini paper on the given subject):



But most importantly I will stop categorizing my notes, the new note will be placed on top. Plus when it comes to note taking, some notes will be placed on this blog. I will go a for a hybrid thingy, I guess.

Does that mean I have let go off the perfection  completely? Hell NO❗️ The perfection, will be focussed on watching every vid no matter how well versed I am on the subject. Plus every unit test and course challenge needs to be on 100%.

Take a look on the picture below, it says that I have mastered 4th grade math for 100%. Despite scoring a 90% on my course challenge. Being the person I am, I was not happy with the outcome 😡



I did the course challenge a couple of times (like only 40 times or so, I am not joking😐 ) till I scored 100%.


It was only then I moved on to the 5th grade.

Yes I know, new vids and exercises are daily added on KhanAcademy. And yes I check regularly if the grades I already mastered (for 100%, nothing less) have new content. If so I will watch the new vids and do the new exercises. I did already mention in this post I am anal-retentive, yes?


Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😋

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#OkSven de hashtag voor #viruswappie Sven Hulleman

Sven Hulleman, de man die je om de drie zinnen laat weten dat hij jurist is. Smijt met termen in het Latijn. Zich (volgens zijn eigen idee)  kleedt als een jonkheer. Dit allemaal zodat hij zich voor kan doen als een man van gegoede komaf. Eigenlijk is hij niet anders dan geen geschifte idioot, die zich voordoet als de man die opkomt voor het plebs. Alles wat hij aanraakt mislukt.

Hij heeft  het in Rotterdam geprobeerd met drie zaken. Een juridisch buro “Meson Juristen” met aan de ene kant “Le Lapin Fou“. Dat moest een wijnbar worden met in de kelder een club “Le Lapin Noir”(als je belt naar het nummer dat hier staat krijg je Sven aan de lijn). En aan de andere kant van “Meson Juristen” had hij de zaak “Atelier D’Artistes” ofzoiets. Hij heeft alle drie de panden laten verbouwen en alle drie de zaken zijn spectaculair gefaald. Zonde van de spaarcenten van je oma’s, Sven!

Sven heeft inmiddels een echte goudmijn gevonden, de kwetsbare mens. Het type persoon, dat niet doorheeft dat Sven vol met waanideeën is.

Een paar pareltjes:

Hier beweert Sven stellig dat homeopathie verboden is in Frankrijk. #OkSven. Homeopathie is niet verboden in Frankrijk, het wordt (terecht!) niet meer vergoed in Frankrijk vanaf 2020.

Sven is vrije jurist, hij zou zogenaamd de advocatuur niet in willen, #OkSven. Het is eerder dat je geen patroon (= iemand die advocaat-stagiairs opleidt tot advocaat) kon vinden die jou wilde opleiden. Geen enkele weldenkende patroon wil zijn vingers aan jou branden, je bent een walking and talking liability. (Hier kun je de volledige podcast, met MLM kwakzalver Marije Berkelaar zien.)

Sven heeft iets vernomen van een uitstekend chirurg, #OkSven. Natuurlijk verneem jij dingen van een uitstekend chirug, een dermatoloog zou te min voor je zijn. Laat me raden deze uitstekende chirurg is uiteraard hersenchirurg? Maar goed, deze uitstekende chirurg beweert dat virologen het afvoerputje zijn van de medische wereld #OkSven.(Hier kun je de volledige podcast zien)

Jammer dat de podcasts van Lange Frans zijn verwijderd van youtube. In een van zijn podcasts beweer je namelijk, dat Michelle Obama en Cameron Diaz zich hebben om laten bouwen tot vrouw. #OkSven.

En dan nodig jij in de podcast hieronder Arjen Lubach uit, om over de inhoud te praten (je wekt de illusie met hem bevriend te zijn #OkSven). Over welke inhoud heb je het Sven, je waanideeën?



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I am in love….

Last week, I bought a box of 48 Caran D’ache Neopastels. They were expensive I had to save up, but they were worth the wait ❤ ! The moment I used one of these oil pastels, a connection was made. I could sense on a deep level how the oil pastel connected with the paper, and how the oil pastel was connected to me. I had much fun creating the following color chart, the order is based in which they come originally in the box.


When making this color chart I understood the order of the colors in the box. In a way I can’t explain, maybe one day I will.

I did use the Panda Oil Pastels I wrote earlier about, but 24 colors were not enough. Plus when I used them my “art” turned into a brownish, greyish mix of colors. Two weeks later I bought the Faber Castell set of 36 oil pastels.


And to be honest, I was shocked by the low quality of these. It was like drawing with candle sticks 😮 Bledding wasn’t blending, it was more like pushing the other color of the paper then blending. And all the crumbles that came of these sticks, it was like dropping a goddamn colorfull Weetabix 😳 Faber Castell this product is dissapointment! The only thing I liked about the set was that it consisted of 36 colors. Just perfect for someone like me.

My current set of Neopastels is 48 colors, too much for a BLAM-IN-YOUR-FACE personality like me. Being subtle has never been my thing :/ This amount of colors is also a bit overwhelming to me. I seriously considered just buying 36 colors that are based on the selection of colors that Faber Castell has. I decided against it, too much hassle.

Drawing with these Neopastels is amazing, they are so creamy and the colors are so bright ❤ ❤ ! None off the pictures I took do any of the colors justice. Also I have to get used to the softness, since I used cheaper pastels. I am used to pressing to hard, a thing that is not necessary with neopastels. Hence the several broken ones 🙄

Yes I do know about Sennelier but they don’t appeal to me. Too lipsticky and I don’t like the fact that they have a tendency to melt while using. Nah, that shit is only going to PISS ME OFF 😡

Should everyone use expensive oil pastels? I can’t say, there are talented artists who create amzing work with cheap oil pastels. Like BlackBean CMS, his favorite set is the 28 set Crayola oil pastels. Which are considerably cheaper then the Neopastel set I have ($6.99 for Crayola versus $115 for Neopastels).This is some of his work where he solely uses Crayolas.

The thing with me is, I am not talented my work will never be amazing o_O So I need all the help I can get. It is a good thing I am not scared of using the expensive stuff….

Since great content has tendency to disappear, like this brilliant vid for example. I hosted the vid by BlackBean CMS on my blog you can find it here. Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😛

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Caran D’ache Neopastel – Set of 48

This is the color chart I made myself (yes people, I don’t how to take pictures 🙄 ). The order of this colorchart is based on the order in which the neopastels came in the box. Same goes for the list I made in Libre Office Writer, which you can download here. Here you will find Caran D’ache‘s official color chart which contains all 96 colors. The official chart also has info about pigments and lightfastness 💡


Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😛