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I quit drinking alcohol

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I finally found a replacement drink for beer that is not overly sweet  photo thumbsup.gif The last couple of years alcohol started to annoy me, but I don’t have a sweet tooth. So drinks like , Coke, Fanta, Sprite etc. etc. are wasted on me. Also I don’t drink diary products, because those are bloody disgusting  photo pukey.gif. Which left me basically with water  photo emo.gif I don’t mind drinking that during the days. But in the evening it gets boring, so I would grab a beer. A couple of years ago it started to piss me off how alcohol was eating my evenings away photo piangry.gif

Last weekend I discovered tonic water. And this one is my favourite:


It is hardly sweet and I love the bitterly taste, an excellent replacement for beer. I confidently say now, I will not drink alcohol any more  photo worshippy.gif

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