La Boina Roja

The struggles off a future RHCE….

People, tell me WTF is WRONG with me??!!!?????

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I used to be a doodler, I loved to doodle geometric shapes in all dimensions, mostly triangles and squares. In my doodles I used them to create something  like machines (cranes being my favorite) or transformers. But now I like do something else a lot more, I love making prime factorization trees. I just love it null the bigger the number the better null

I gave myself a lot of thought, on why on Earth I would like to do something like this. I came up with this

It’s just a serene, peaceful thing to do.

Is THIS the first sign of insanity? Seriously, just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to knowing yourself, you discover something like this null

For the people who wonder what a factor tree is, here is one:

So all you “psychologists” out there,  eat you heart out and tell me null


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