La Boina Roja

The struggles off a future RHCE….

Recommendation: Forbrydelsen

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This is a brilliant Danish police series, it consists of three seasons and I just watched the third season it’s finale. It was jaw dropping…. photo worshippy.gif If you are new to these series I would suggest not to start with the first season as it’s story gets weakened down by being to long and to many plot twists.

I personally found the second and third (and final) season the best. Each season is basically about one case it is one strongest police series I have seen. It’s not your average police series, national politics play a big part in it too. I really liked how they weaved in the crisis in the third season.

The music done by Frans Bak and the end theme is brilliant, it’s strong and mesmerizing just like the series  photo thumbsup.gif What I  liked about the series, at the end of each episode during the final scenes nothing would be said but the end theme would play. Making said scenes very powerful.


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