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Python vids at Khan Academy

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Notice how I don’t call it a course and not recommend it? Let’s just say it is a good thing Salman Khan let other people deal with teaching others to program. These vids are hidden well, you cannot find them under “Computer Science” but you find them in “Science & Economics” called “Computer Science“. In my opinion it doesn’t deserve that name  photo talktothehand.gif

To be fair, I find it a bit awkward to be so harsh  photo bloos.gif as Salman Khan does a miraculous job at explaining math. Thanks to him and his great math vids I am considering programming. I am not going to say the vids are horrible, but he should just have some vids removed and the other vids regrouped somewhere else.

I will leave you with a list of pro’s and cons.


  • vids are usually not longer then 10 minutes
  • you don’t have to register to follow the “course”, if you do you get badges photo kwijl.gif
  • even though he uses mathematical concepts, mathematical knowledge is not required. He explains the concepts he uses really well, in his own brilliant way photo worshippy.gif
  • there are subtitles available for the vids
  • he visualizes Python concepts, those are the better vids, the best vid imho is where he explains binary numbers. I finally understand those!


  • it starts at beginner level and somewhere,  somehow it becomes complicated
  • there is no a real structure
  • even though I have gained some valuable insights, I miss the point of this course
  • it seems like he gave up on the course half way
  • some vids are useless, like “Python 3 Not Backwards Compatible with Python 2”. Really  photo pidown.gif a vid to explain that? In which he also discusses one single difference,  if I am not mistaken, between Python 2 and 3? Also why is this the 10th vid?
  • some vids are too long, like the “Insertion Sort Algorithm” vid
  • towards the end this “course” seems rushed photo nooo.gif

My overall opinion on this “course” is, don’t follow it from the beginning to the end, it is not worth your time. I would not recommend this “course” to a beginner. If you have difficulties grasping the concepts which he happens to discuss, just watch those instead. Especially the ones where visualizes those concepts.


One thought on “Python vids at Khan Academy

  1. Yes, I agree that the vast majority of his site, like the Math section, is way awesome but the computer section….leaves a lot to be desired. I posted this graphic I found that lists all kinds of educational websites here last month.

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