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Recommendation: A first programming language by Brian Will

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This a video course by Brian Will, it is a part of his learning to program tracks. This course consists of two videos the first one is 45 minutes, the second 30 minutes.

It’s an introduction to programming and he seems to suggest to watch this before learning to program. Well I disagree, I remember to try to watch these vids before learning Python. I gave up  photo emo.gif while Brian Will is a great tutor he is also slightly boring and when he discussed the code (which was nothing but gibberish to me at the time) all I could think “dafuq did I just read”.

Why did I start this course again? Well,  I finished some Python classes and Brian Will is a great tutor  photo thumbsup.gif I know myself well enough to know, that the moment the stuff starts to click in my head I will overcome the fact that he can be boring.

I would suggest to watch this vid, after you had a couple of classes in programming. If you just learned about loops, functions, if, elif, lists and dictionaries for the first time. But still don’t entirely grasp these concepts, these two vids are for you.

In the first vid he starts with a brief introduction about hardware and he introduces you to a language he made up; pigeon.  But don’t worry about him using pigeon, it won’t conflict with the language you are learning. After watching the first vid I had more understanding of the elif statement.

The second vid touches the subject of good programming practices and explains some basic programming principles like local and global and gives a more in depth explanation of functions. The most important thing I learned however in this vid was that the data type number is immutable. To quote Brian will:

“None off the arithmetic operators actually modify number values, they create a new value instead.”

I must admit this was quite the insight  photo redface.gif

If you want to have the lecture slides or read some additional notes on this course go to his site.


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