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The struggles off a future RHCE….

Compare that code!

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If you are using Codecademy, I strongly suggest after each exercise that has more then 10 lines of code, to compare it with your fellow “virtual” classmates. Even if you wrote the code successfully all by yourself.

Why you ask? One of the beauties of programming  photo heart.gif is, you can write the solution to a problem in a gazillion ways. Reading other peoples code helps in learning to program.

Down on the left side of Codecademy there is a button called “Q&A Forum” it leads you straight to the relevant part of the forum.

cliccie for larger picce

cliccie for larger picce

Yes people ask for help on there, but they also post their code. It really pays off to check, I for one learned how to write shorter code  photo thumbsup.gif


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