La Boina Roja

The struggles off a future RHCE….

Roja’s first code

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Yesterday I was in a ranty mood, today I am happier. I just finished an assignment without looking for the answer by using google. Granted, I had to google how to define the third power, yes I am still working on those math skills  photo emo.gif
The code:

cliccie for larger piccie

cliccie for larger piccie

Yes, I know I could have left out “cubing = n**3” and just have typed “return n**3” instead photo puh2.gif Something I’ve learned after I’ve compared my code with other peoples code.

But for a first assignment all done by myself,  I am happy. When I read the assignment I decided that I should first spent 45 minutes non stop on writing this code before googling the answer. My action plan was to type only the stuff I know, and guess what happened? I finished the assignment within 10 minutes  photo biggrin.gif!


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