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Learning to program is hard, real hard!

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As you know I am struggling to learn Python, even though I feel I learn something at other hand I can’t help but that I am NOT photo piangry.gif The people who tell you learning to program is easy are LYING. To learn to program is hard, you have to work real hard to master a language. I will be honest,  it is shocks me that I’m struggling  to learn Python. A language that is supposedly ideal for beginners because it is easy, yeah right! Every time I fiddle with it, I can’t help but think “Me  photo what.gif how can it be so God darn hard for me of all people?”.

You see,  I am the person who in her free time always fiddled with Linux, the person who when she had a job was the go to person for software problems. The person every time she got a new job, impressed people with how quickly she picked the company specific software. I also could learn those people, who often had been working with that software for years, some new tricks. I used to impress colleagues with my Acces skills, I am the kind of nerd who made her own book collection software in Acces 15 years ago. I spent hours in my free time fiddling with Acces and LOVING it.

And look at me now  photo emo.gifstaring at Python code, hardly understanding a darn thing! I have the feeling that I know only one thing, I know it I don’t understand it, that is the print statement. But the rest? It is like staring in one of Harry Potter his spell books and thinking “dafuq did I just read”.

I have restarted the Python Codecademy course and I take notes now. I study them 4 times a week plus I spent hours now on Codecademy not the 30 minutes a day I did before.
I will master that code! What keeps me going? The thought of making my own software just the way I like it,  makes me drool photo kwijl.gif

To the people who  claim Python is easy to learn  photo eerie.gif I have fist here and it would just love to meet your nose.


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