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I’ve turned to the dark side

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As you know I gave up, for now,  on the courses Learn Python the Hard Way and the Python course at Code Academy. I quit with the first because I had really no clue of what I was doing ( I was at lesson 25 mind you Photobucket ). I dropped out at the  Code Academy because the part about Boolean became to mathematical for me,  it felt like cheating to guess or Google the answers . I’ll go back to the Code Academy when I’ve finished the arithmetic and pre-algebra part at the Khan Academy. Yesterday I started  the Python course at Khan Academy,  but I soon found out that tinkering along with Khan in vi doesn’t exactly work Photobucket

I went to look for an IDE, I tried Geany I hated it, I tried Eclipse, I hated that even more. What’s going on with all these whistles and blows? I now can see why a lot of programmers, after using these kind IDE’s for years go back either to vi or Vim.  I might be a sloppy person, but I prefer my software to be lean, mean, clean and fast as lightening. I don’t want it to take light years to even fucking load, I am looking at you here Eclipse Photobucket After those two failures I went for IDLE, and I like it, not as much as vi but I like it. It will do fine for tinkering along with youtube vids. The only thing I don’t like about IDLE is that I can’t “dock” or “glue” the windows together. This is what Desktop looks like when I’m learning Python:

cliccie for larger piccie

cliccie for larger piccie


One thought on “I’ve turned to the dark side

  1. Good Luck on your Quest of self-improvement!

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