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The struggles off a future RHCE….

This is starting to get annoying now!

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Everytime I encounter a great ”Basic Linux” vid on youtube, there is hardly never a follow up vid by the same creatorPhotobucket  What’s that about anyway? Some kind of fear that the follow up will never be as great as the first? Whatever it is, it’s not funnyPhotobucket So stop it, NAO!

Meet Guy Bass; he created this vid in which he explains linux filesystem basics in such a great wayPhotobucket I’m willing to forgive him the lack of a cute Brittish accent.


After this vid I thought, he is such a great instructor, I’ll check the follow up vid. Only to end up dissapointed, againPhotobucket

Btw, I would recommend watching this vid after you’ve finished chapter 10 of “The Command Line Crash Course“. Especially if you have been a graphical user  interface (GUI) junkie so far!


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