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Youtube, another way of memorizing terminal commands

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The Command Line Crash Course is for a great deal about memorizing things. You’re supposed to make flashcards, I use Anki for this purpose, and the exercises forces you to type commands over and over again. I am not complaining here, mind you.

But this weekend, I’ve been a bit lazy. So lazy, that at Sunday evening I’m still in the same clothes as Friday night; my Betty Boop pyamasPhotobucket I haven’t showered and yes I’ve been outside – to get beer. How did you guess I’m singlePhotobucket

Anyway, what I did so for was, practice the flashcards today and watch a youtube vid. Which happens to cover chapter 1 till 8 of “The Command Line Crash Course” in a quick and clear wayPhotobucket The cute Brittish accent is also a big plusPhotobucket


I’ll send him a message through twitter asking him to make more command line vids following the chapter sequence of “The Command Line Crash Course”Photobucket

Edit on the 5th of September.

His answer Photobucket


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